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GBKJ102218 Tue 09-Jun-20 06:29:41


My 4 year old daughter (actually turning 5 in a week) is an early riser, and that's fine. However, I want her to stay in her room until 6AM with the best outcome of her staying in bed asleep till 6AM! She keeps waking earlier than 6. Usually between 5 and half past. Always has done. She has a blackout blind and her room is pitch black, she didnt like the groclock so we use a different sleep trainer clock where a sun light turns on at 6AM to indicate it's time to be awake - she ignores it. We have tried the clocks for years. The new one worked for the first few weeks but now it's just something else she ignores.

She comes in our room every time she wakes and wakes me up. I've tried getting her to go back to sleep in our bed but she never does. (I have a 10 week old as well now so I cant easily stay in her room with her or continually take her back to her room until 6).

I dont mind if she is awake a little earlier than 6, I just want her to stay in her room.

Recently she has started to get up and go downstairs/turn the tv on but I dont like this because she is choosing to go down without us knowing. I appreciate some people may think this is ok but for me it doesnt feel right. If she waited till the 6AM wake up time then I would be fine with it as I would be awake too then.

She wakes up super happy every day which is great, but the rest of us need the sleep.

Any tips? I've tried reward charts, taking away screen time, alarm clocks, the house is dark, different bedtimes etc.

She usually is sleep before half 7. Any later bedtimes she still wakes up between 5 and half 5. So i would rather her be asleep earlier so she isnt cranky the next day.

I just need her to stay in her room until the 6AM light/wake up time.

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