3 mth old hates pram/sling/car!

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Gardengnome82 Mon 08-Jun-20 16:29:49

Hi all

Hope you’re all managing in ‘these times’ . I’m a first time parent and am currently feeling like a prisoner in my own home! My LO is 14 weeks and hates the pram (bassinet), wrap, sling, car seat. Every attempt at a walk or a drive ends in crying or him whimpering. I had envisaged long walks with my baby and now restrictions are lifting I’d like to get out but unless I carry my (very heavy) baby everywhere, it’s a nightmare. Anyone else relate? Hoping for some light at end of tunnel

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S12M Mon 08-Jun-20 21:54:02


My DS would always cry/scream in the pram and car. I had imagined pushing a peaceful snoozing baby in my lovely new pram but it never happened! I gave up on the bassinet part of the pram and bought an Ergo 360 sling. I would persevere with the sling, it was the only thing that really worked when out and about! I would feed him up as much as possible before a walk and sometimes used a dummy to get him to sleep in it. It was hard work but great exercise for me!

He became more content as he got older and quicker to get to sleep. He was quite happy to sit in the ‘pushchair’ part of the pram and got better in the car over time. Now at 2, he’s fine in the car and just loves to run!

It will get better, some babies just want to be upright and held all the time (which is exhausting) xx

underneaththeash Mon 08-Jun-20 22:32:13

My fussy child was better when front facing, so a babybjorn- type carrier, or forward facing buggy.
None of my children liked being in a cloth sling and I'm not keen on them from an eye development point of view either.

TOJ123 Tue 09-Jun-20 10:24:35

Omg I was just about to write a thread with the exact same thing!! It’s really getting me down as like you, I had imagined so many lovely walks with baby and I feel like I’m stuck at home constantly as I’m too worried to go out in case the baby screams and then I have to walk With her back!

Please let me know if you manage to find a solution!

Gardengnome82 Tue 09-Jun-20 11:37:43

Thanks for your suggestions and reassurance all! I’m counting down until I can put him in the buggy part of my pram and have everything crossed he will be happy on that.
Currently have ergo 360 but he fights to get out of it unless he is exhausted then he may fall asleep but this is never a good sleep. I’ll persevere.

@TOJ123 glad I’m not alone but sorry you’re going through the same! Hope he grows out of it, we have an hour drive to parents planned on Saturday so who knows what that will be like

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