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Rolling tummy to back

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Murphynat Mon 08-Jun-20 09:51:14

Hi, my LO is 18 weeks old (just over 4 months). My sister in law bought us a tummy time water pillow and he was loving it and rolling from his tummy to back quite easily. I have tried to give him tummy time not always using the pillow and he doesn't want to roll onto his back from this. I'm a bit worried the pillow may have stifled his progress and the few times he rolled were just spontaneous. Anyone got any advice what age their LOs were when they started rolling etc? Thanks

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NewMum293 Mon 08-Jun-20 11:41:13

If there’s one thing I wish I could change about being a new mum, it’s worrying about rolling! My daughter was never really interested even though we tried to encourage it loads - I can’t remember when she rolled front to back first, maybe 5 months, but it was 8 months before she really rolled back to front.

She was crawling by 9 months and took her first steps in her first birthday so her development was otherwise completely on track!

Gardengnome82 Mon 08-Jun-20 18:19:21

Yes the rolling over milestone has no bearing on other milestones and def isn’t worth thinking about too much

aimzxd Tue 09-Jun-20 05:35:39

My son does it very occasionally, front to back from 3 months modtly because he hated tummy time. Doesnt seem to mind TT now at almost 6 months so doesnt try often. He tries to roll back to front now but only managed it once.

coffeeandjuice Tue 09-Jun-20 14:14:03

Ah I'd forgotten about the rolling milestone stress!I don't think ds1 ever really did roll. He was so sicky, he's throw up almost every tummy time so I didn't do it so much. Not really sure dd ever definitively rolled either... but they're both toddlers now and doing fine.

Try not to worry too much about it, your baby will be fine

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