Newborn just doesn’t stop sucking/feeding

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LaceyLou42 Wed 03-Jun-20 08:50:32

Hi I bottle feed my 3 week old and since he was 3 days old he just sucks and sucks on the bottle without stopping. He loves a dummy so I’m wondering if he just loves sucking. I honestly think if I had a bottle the size of a pint glass he would drink the lot! Why doesn’t he stop when he’s full? Is he starving or is he sucking for comfort... how do you tell? I never know when he’s had enough. I stop him after 3 and a half oz because sometimes he’s sick if he has more. He’s fussy after feeds but he has colic so I find it difficult to know if he’s still hungry or uncomfortable because he’s had too much. He doesn’t give clear feeding cues and I’m still learning what his cries mean. We tend to feed him by the clock, every 3 and a half hours, unless he makes a fuss sooner. I just can’t work this baby out!

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crazychemist Fri 05-Jun-20 18:36:02

Some babies love to suck! That’s why dummies work. Remember, the behaviour evolved when all babies were breastfed, and they can suckle for comfort for a long time after a feed, but a bottle just keeps giving! If you know how much you can give him without him being sick, just give him that much and then either a dummy or help him find his thumb?

Max1140 Thu 23-Jul-20 21:27:23

Also get baby checked out for tongue tie. In the hospital they told us he had a tongue tie but that it was minor and wouldn’t give him a problem. Turned out it was a massive problem. So do check if that’s an issue.

attillathenun Fri 24-Jul-20 20:48:23

I would say it sounds like a comfort thing. When my DD was a newborn she spent the first few nights just wanting to suck and it was exhausting 🥴 (she’s breastfed). I think being sick is probably the sign he’s had too much milk, but obviously just need to avoid getting to that point!

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