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What age can you expect your 3 year old to listen to you and have a chat

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piscis Sun 31-May-20 17:34:37

I am a bit worried about my DD lately, she is going to be 3 very soon and I wonder if this is normal at this is very difficult to get her attention sometimes, we make a request and a lot of the times she just ignore us, no reply, we repeat the request over and over and nothing, it is like she wouldn't hear. Only that she has no hearing problems at all. I would expect her to respond, even if it is for refusing to do what she is asked ...Is this normal in a 3yo? It is getting on my nerves sometimes.

It is not all the time of course, but quite often, she seems to have moments when she is not interested in interacting with us and she behaves like we don't exist!

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piscis Sun 31-May-20 17:40:48

By having a chat I mean that I also thought that by now we would be having small chats, but that's not so easy, she gets so distracted with anything, she will go away, or start telling us something completely different unrelated to what we are talking about. Is this normal for her age as well?
I know kids don't have a long attention span but basically I thought at this age it will be a bit different. But maybe is something normal? I am worrying about some things of her behaviour lately, I think she was younger before and I thought it was an age thing, but now that she is nearly 3 I wonder if most 3 years old are still like this?

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NoKnit Sun 31-May-20 21:04:42

About 6 for having a decent chat about something I have brought up. Things they bring up are interested in then about 4

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