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Ds, 21 mths, hates wearing clothes. Is this normal?

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MerryMarigold Fri 21-Sep-07 14:16:15

This has been going on a couple of months, but seems to be getting worse. He would kick and scream every time I tried to put a particular pair of shorts on him, so we just stopped wearing those shorts. Now it has become EVERYTHING. He even hates wearing his nappy and tries to get it off and can take a jumper/ socks off. Obv. it is getting cold now, so he has to wear clothes (he has a cold, surprise, surprise). Getting dressed is a huge kicking and screaming battle.

When he's distracted he does 'forget' he's wearing the clothes, but am wondering whether this is a 'phase' kids go through or if I should be more worried. I haven't washed his clothes in anything different. He does have eczema, but it is not bad at the moment, so I don't think his skin is irritated.

fingerwoman Fri 21-Sep-07 14:22:23

yeah I think it's just a phase. I used to look after a little boy of around the same age and remember taking him round the supermarket one day and he was naked except for nappy and wellies by the time we reached the checkout lol.

MerryMarigold Fri 21-Sep-07 17:23:57

Thanks, fingerwoman. Any other offers?

BarefootShirl Fri 21-Sep-07 18:12:29

Both DCs went through this phase in their own ways - DS was much as you describe but grew out of it; DD(8) still gets undressed as soon as she gets home and stays that way whenever poss. Not that I would be the one to stop her, as I am often the same so it's a case of like mother like daughter. Used to be a problem when she was younger but now she knows when it is appropriate and when she needs to stay dressed.

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