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Bed times

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Hcwxxx Sat 30-May-20 23:05:30

I have one son 12yo. My partner has three, 8,10 and 12yo sons.

What time would you say is ideal bed times for them. School nights and weekends???


Do you think it's important to have family days together doing something or if the 12 year old doesn't want to come he can stay home???

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NuffSaidSam Sun 31-May-20 00:06:09

It depends on the children but I would say:

8yo 8-8:30pm
10 yo 8:30pm-9pm
12yo 9-9:30pm

I tend to keep bedtime fairly consistent weekdays and weekends. School holidays it's probably an hour later for each of them.

I think the 12yo should be encouraged to come out with family regularly, but only forced to occasionally.

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