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5yr old behaviour and regression

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TigerQuoll Wed 27-May-20 02:22:13

You could try turning him to audiobooks - he can still zonk out on the couch but at least his imagination will need to be engaged instead of a whole brain shut down. Audible have a huge range of kids books that are free to listen to through the browser.

NuffSaidSam Wed 27-May-20 00:35:29

I don't think it's anything to do with him being a boy.

Lockdown is hard for everyone and he probably is bored, particularly if he's an only child.

How much TV is he watching?

Pam0077 Tue 26-May-20 23:39:49

Hi my ds is 5 yrs old and has always been a sensitive and emotional child. I don’t necessarily want to put this completely down to the lockdown situation but he presents as lacking in interest in doing anything other than watching tv. He won’t do any writing, drawing, baking which he used to enjoy. I can’t get him to do any form of school learning at all and when I do attempt to get him to write his name he has certainly regressed with writing and has zero interest in learning. He has been having tantrums and is quick to shout. My DH thinks this is due to boredom and being off school but when I try to engage him he seems so disinterested and says no. Is this quite normal, ‘boy’ behaviour in this situation do you think?

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