Fussy eating with CMPA 14 months

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MrsEK1991 Mon 25-May-20 13:23:40

Hi everyone, I know this is probably posted about ALL. THE. TIME so this is more of a rant I guess than anything else.

My son is 14 months and we did traditional weaning since he was 6 months but he’s got both ige and non-ige CMPA so I found the baby food he could have as he worked through the stages decreased and decreased.

Now he’s ok with tomato based main meals (spag Bol, sweet and sour, veggie casserole), toddler crisps, toast and fruit. But he won’t even try anything else. Coconut yogurt, nope! Carrot or broccoli, nope! Vegan cheese with chicken, nope!

I feel like only giving him food we know he will eat is sure to make it worse, but I can’t help feeling so deflated when we either buy (expensive) dairy free food for him or spend ages cooking a nice meal only for him to throw it on the ground.

I want to cry because I feel like I’ve made a rod for my own back, and I’m kicking myself so so hard for not making sure he had a more varied diet when he was still in the stage of shoving anything in his mouth without question.

Urgh!!! Sorry for the rant x

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