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Help! 4 YO behaviour 😭

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MammyandAva Sun 24-May-20 09:37:23

Hi, I am looking for some help please!

I am a single parent (father not involved at all) and am seriously struggling with my daughters behaviour 😭

Although we are currently in very unique circumstances, I have on a number of occasions prior been concerned about some of her behaviours.

She acts out A LOT! And will do anything for attention (although she is an only child)

She does things that she knows will get to me and laughs constantly when I try to discipline her

-tells me I’m a bad mum (daily 😭)
- she hates me
- no body likes her
- she doesn’t want to live with me
- I should give her away

She has now started spitting in temper and throws things in a rage over the smallest of thing

She has no form of authority! It doesn’t matter who tells her off, she just laughs and carry’s on doing what she was doing

I have tried:

- positive parenting
- sticker charts
- rewards
- naughty step
- putting her to bed
- removing tv and iPad
- sitting down and talking to her

She has nothing at all that I can bribe her with, she’s doesn’t care if she doesn’t get the reward and has no reaction if I tell her she can’t have it because of the way she acted.

It’s really starting to get me down now, especially as I have no break from it at the moment due to lockdown.

I have a nephew with ADHD, and feel as though she displays many of the symptoms - I have also found that tomato based products (anything) makes her very very hyper

Any genuine advice would be welcomed

Thank you 😊

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TigerQuoll Mon 25-May-20 08:26:08

Sounds like she needs counselling. You can probably be referred through GP

MammyandAva Mon 25-May-20 08:46:36

At the age of four, why would she need counselling?

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essexmum777 Tue 26-May-20 02:19:58

Have you been consistent with your use of boundaries?
has there been a divorce/death/trauma that she was witness to - if so play therapy might help.
How is she at nursery/pre-school?

TigerQuoll Tue 26-May-20 06:43:21

Sorry therapy was what I meant. She sounds like she's experienced some kind of trauma, rather than the usual headstrong child

MammyandAva Tue 26-May-20 07:38:05

I am very consistent, and if anything I'm probably quite strict, due to the fact that I'm doing a degree, working and am a single parent with no extra support.

My grandmother passed away 4 days before Christmas, but other than that there is nothing else - she's never even witnessed an adult argument

She lives a very fortunate life.

The school have not said anything, but that behaviour has started to be shown to her dance teacher (she dances 3 days a week on zoom at the moment)

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