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15 month old development

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mamatoizzywizzy Wed 20-May-20 22:14:26

My 15month old is not yet walking independently. Should I be concerned ? She walks with her walker, holding onto our fingers, climbs up on the sofa and climbs down again and walks around objects whilst holding onto them. She is very sturdy on her feet , she just won't take those first steps alone without needing to hold our fingers to walk .

Is this okay? Did anyone else have a late walker ?

She also isn't really saying much either - just mama and no !! Lol

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tempnamechange98765 Thu 21-May-20 08:00:12

Don't worry, 15 months isn't particularly late. Was she a late crawler?

My DS is almost 15 months and he's been fully walking since just turning 14 months, but my other child didn't walk until 18 months! Yet my older child could climb the stairs at this age but my baby won't even try, even though he can walk really far! They all do things differently, try not to worry.

One thing I will say if you're keen for her to walk is to encourage, so stand her really close to you but not holding on so she gets the opportunity to find her balance/try and take a step or two. We never did this with my older child until he was 17 months and that's when he discovered he COULD stand independently for a bit, and the walking slowly came from that.

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