Toddlers diarrhoea

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ramen7 Sat 16-May-20 16:38:47


Not sure if this is in the right section but I thought I'd put this out there as I'm nearly at my wits end.

My daughter (22 months) has had diarrhoea for pretty much every poo since weaning at 6 months. I've taken her to the docs and allergy specialists and she's had allergy tests with no results ("she'll grow out of it"). Weve done restrictive diets, probiotics, vitamins and still haven't got anywhere.

She's a greater eater and will try anything so I've wondered if it's allergies to dust/ the dog but then it's been the same even after long periods at different houses. She's fine in herself but this is something I desperately want to fix- aside from the fact that it's horrific to change a nappy!

Has anyone else had a similar experience or suggestions to try? Thanks a bunch

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Haz1516 Sat 16-May-20 20:45:15

No advice but following as my 23 month old is in the same boat. Eliminated diary which made a very small amount of difference, but wondering if there's something else to try.

ramen7 Sat 16-May-20 22:00:59

We did no dairy too and same- very small change. Then I did no tomatoes & strawberries as well- again, small change. But it was all getting too restrictive and I started to worry I was depriving her of nutrients that she needed! Hope we find some solution -Can't handle many more explosions!

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ramen7 Sat 13-Jun-20 22:40:58

Bumping in case of other views?

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Froggles1 Tue 07-Jul-20 19:14:45

Sorry I realise this is a really late reply! I was searching for tantrum advice and came across this but I thought I would share.
My little boy is 2.5 but he started having diarrhoea from around 9ms. It coincided with me reducing breastfeeding and introducing more foods etc
Originally, doctor said he had a virus; then toddler diarrhoea which I’d never heard of, then we were told potentially dairy.
I kept a food and poop diary for a few months and saw some slight improvements when reducing dairy but the main thing that helped with mine was time. Since he’s been two, he poops either once or twice a day and sometimes doesn’t at all (although atm we are trying to potty train so think he is holding it!)
I do like the optibac probiotics as they did help his consistency. Luckily he never seemed in pain etc with it so we just rode it out.
I know how frustrating it is though; hope things improve soon x

ramen7 Sun 19-Jul-20 22:33:52

Thanks for the reply! The allergy specialist said it should go by two- I'm noticing a slight improvement but it's still hot and miss. Nice to know others are in the same boat ...

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GotGameByThePound Mon 20-Jul-20 09:33:29

My son was the same until he was toilet trained.

We spoke to the doctor and, if I remember correctly, things should "firm up" when toilet training as they learn to hold it before reaching a toilet.

I hope that makes sense.

Wherethereshope Mon 20-Jul-20 22:01:20

I found this with my DS @GotGameByThePound I wouldn't say he had diarrhoea but it was always loose, I dreaded toilet training thinking he'd never manage all his pooing, but he did and now usually does one firm poo a day.

GotGameByThePound Mon 20-Jul-20 22:55:12

Yeah, I'd agree actually (he's been toilet trained for over a year so I've forgotten now!) but it was more loose than actual diarrhoea.

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