8 month old started to grind teeth

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s2391 Thu 14-May-20 21:13:58


So my son is 8.5 months and his two top teeth are through (not fully through) which has now resulted to him grinding his two top and bottom teeth together. I decided to google and it says it's a possible sign of autism. He doesn't grind them all the time, but he does do it more than a few times during the day. I'm just asking if anyone else has experienced this and is it autism or just a phase?

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girlmummy25 Sat 16-May-20 20:43:00

My DD is nearly 1 and went through a phase of doing this - ive read that they may do it when they feel teething pain. I havent noticed her do it much lately and I highly doubt she has autism.

hoping2018 Sun 17-May-20 21:43:07

My son does this when teething. He definitely does not have autism!

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