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jellytots2020 Thu 14-May-20 16:34:28

I have a 6 month old and I'm not sure I'm doing enough for him.

He has a good routine for food / bottles, naps, bath and bed, but the rest of the time I'm not sure how to entertain him. He can't sit up unaided so he's either in a little seat that props him up or a bouncy chair or lying in his play gym.

He loves any attention and interaction but it's not possible I can play and talk with him constantly, so is it ok to leave him entertain himself? And if so is there anything in particular I can give him to play with to stimulate him that will keep him busy but not have to be supervised? (I don't leave him alone in a room apart from nap / bedtime so I'd be close by, but doing housework / dinner)

He's seem very happy and content, I'm just not sure I'm doing enough to help with his development or if I'm actually fussing over him so much that I'll end up with an over clingy baby who isn't able to be alone?

Any suggestions would be great, thank you.

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aimzxd Thu 14-May-20 19:46:50

You're doing a lot for him honestly. As long as you're chatting away to him while cleaning, etc that should be plenty until you can interact. My 5 month old loves his 2 lamaze toys, fire fly & captain calamari. He prefers the squid. Both are sensory toys.

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