Good GOD the whining

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NuffSaidSam Sat 16-May-20 10:20:17

Just ignore it. You've checked everything. He's fine. Learn to tune it out. Give your attention to the older ones to stop them getting frustrated and let him whine.

It is the worst thing though. I can tolerate proper crying or tantrums, but constant low level whinging at any age is SO annoying. You have my sympathies flowers

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 15-May-20 20:50:38

My DS was a real crier but it was when he was a bit younger, I think he was beginning to settle down by about 8 months but you do have my sympathy, he didn't sleep though, little bugger.

I think the being frustrated at being a baby was a lot of what was going on. He's very bright and able, he was signing at 7 months and having conversations at 12 months, I think frustration had a huge impact. That and the tongue tie.

alphabettrain Thu 14-May-20 13:35:42

8 month old. Pretty much continuous whining all day every day. My eldest two were the same (and I never came across another baby quite like them) but I assumed it was because being twins I couldn't give them 100% attention each, and they both grew out of it around 16/17 months. They're 3 now and no issues at all.

I don't know how much longer I can handle it, or how to stop it. As the day goes on I can feel rage building up and I just want to run out the door! I'm not exaggerating when I say the longest he's not whined for so far today when awake is about 90 seconds.

If anyone has some magic answer to what it could be that I've not thought of PLEASE send help! It's soul destroying. I don't think I can make it to 16/17 months again, especially as I have two 3 year olds to handle who are getting understandably frustrated at almost all my attention going on the baby.

Things I've ruled out:
- tiredness (sleep is pretty good. 6.45pm - 7am most nights with no wake up, morning nap of 45-60 minutes, afternoon nap 2 hours. Awake times bang on for age)
- pain (have given calpol just to see but no impact, and it's not that sort of whinge if that makes sense)
- hunger/thirst (eats 3 meals plus 2 snacks a day, 3 bottles of formula plus a few breastfeeds whenever he signs milk or grabs)
- lack of attention (makes no difference whether I'm playing with him, leaving him alone, or whatever we're doing)
-learning a new skill (it's not improved at any milestone of sitting, rolling etc so no reason to think crawling will help)
- other issue such as autism (he does do the wrist rolling and tensing a lot, but the twins did exactly the same and show no signs now age 3 whatsoever)

The only times he stops are when we put on kids tv for 20 minutes so I can sort dinner for the kids, and when in the carrier for a walk. Carrier in the house doesn't help, neither does carrying him round with me. I can't take him on endless walks in case someone suggests just walking all day.

Someone, somewhere must have had a baby like this... please tell me there's a magic solution! And not just gin. I'm already having enough of that confused

Ps. I know 8 month olds whine. This isn't that. It's RELENTLESS. Are my kids just absolutely furious at being babies?

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