4 month old has a meltdown when played with

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Brumbrum123 Tue 12-May-20 13:14:16

Hi, I'm new here... U couldn't find anything that answers my question so I hope somebody has some ideas that could help me... My nearly 4 month old son often (if not always) has a meltdown and ends up screaming when I play with him. He spits up a lot so I feed him, keep him upright for 20 mins to reduce vomiting, change his nappy (which he usually enjoys) then I play with him, either in a mat or I show and give him toys and talk to him. Sometimes u gently encourage him to roll into his side. He seems like he is interested and enjoys himself but very quickly (5-10 minutes or so) he starts fussing and when I pick him up to comfort him he just loses it and does purple faced crying, thrashing around and takes forever to calm down, then he usually falls asleep. Yesterday I was feeling so down that I asked my husband to look after him and he just out him down in different places and ds chewed in different toys and babbled and then he seemed more relaxed. I feel like he doesn't like playing with me at all and is so much calmer around my husband, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong sad

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Brumbrum123 Tue 12-May-20 13:16:39

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I make sure he doesn't go too long after waking up, so I don't keep him up longer than 2h, we usually play about 1h-1.15 after he woke up.

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aimzxd Tue 12-May-20 14:31:12

My DS is a bit like this. When he gets fussy he needs alone time. Just plop him somewhere else than where you played with him and let him look around/chew on his fists or toys/etc till he settles down. He's likely just overstimulated or tired.

MaternitySpongeBob Tue 12-May-20 20:10:34

I was going to say it sounds like overstimulated too! If he falls asleep after the violent back arching stage it's over tired

Tbh mine couldn't really handle much stimulus at 4 months, it soon became clear after a few over tired situations where there was too many toys, TV on, pet in room, light6on, guests visiting, it tires them out more than we realize.

I'd seriously suggest stepping back on the stimulation.. it was more like 6-8 months where better coping skills seem to develop..

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