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attention span waning in 3.3 year old.... normal?

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americantrish Tue 18-Sep-07 06:54:21

the nursery ds goes to has remarked to me once last week and to my husband when he picked up ds last night that our ds's attention span during things like story and circle time isn't what it was. ds seems to find it hard to sit down (i think as it was put to my husband "they have a hard time keeping him interested group activities")

he's been in nursery 3 times a week since april and is starting to go 5 sessions a week starting this week. and he's been sitting good and paying attention for months now, so it seems like its only cropped up recently.

while our son is an active one, other than this being an act of defiance, i'm not sure how else to explain this....

(i almost feel i need an explaination if the nursery keeps bringing it up to me!)

thanks in advance

SittingBull Tue 18-Sep-07 07:14:26

Message withdrawn

lizziemun Tue 18-Sep-07 07:42:05

i would say it's normal.

DD1 is 3.8 years and has the concentraion span of a knat.

Do you know how long story/circle time is. dd will sit still for 5 mins but any longer then she wants to be up doing something else.

sarahsails Tue 18-Sep-07 09:58:11

Is somebody new reading the story/ doing circle time? Are they boring?

slim22 Tue 18-Sep-07 10:06:33

same here, DS 3.6
nothing to worry about. They need to be active.And I also heard testoterone surge theory which makes sense. he wants to wrestle etc...I enrolled him in little gymnastics because too young for martial arts!
Mine just started nursery and his teacher says it's quite common to see girls sitting doing activities while boys tend to stand up and circle around the table and they learn better that way.

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