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Behaviour concerns 18 months

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Babyjohnny Thu 07-May-20 13:01:47


My son is 18 mo and I have a few concerns. Positives are he points to show (e.g. bird and says it) and ask for things. He copies sometimes (feed doll; brush hair; noises) though not all the time. He has 7 words which he uses in context. He will give eye contact and plays with children and toys appropriately e.g scribbles. He will get an object if asked but this is really hit and miss. Downsides are he is not clapping and waving just kinda watches and smiles when I try and get him to copy most things; doesn’t sleep well; responds to his name about half the time which has got worse last week or so; doesn’t really have any gestures other than pointing and asking to be picked up and doesn’t put 2 or more words together. He doesn’t follow my gaze either (though will follow a point). I’m quite worried- Should I be? Any words of advice really appreciated

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Echobelly Thu 07-May-20 13:04:00

Doesn't sound especially behind or anything to me - it's honestly too early to tell if there's anything to be concerned about. Try to step away from internet diagnosis if you've been doing that (which it sounds like from the talking about things like gaze and pointing)

AladdinMum Fri 08-May-20 01:15:40

Nothing of the downsides you listed sounds concerning for his age specially putting two words together which is expected at 24M.

Babyjohnny Sat 09-May-20 15:02:06

Thanks for feedback! I’ve been concerned for sometime. He has zero interest in copying clapping, waving, shh or other gestures. Anyone else had similar experience - how did things turn out?

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SheRasBra Sat 09-May-20 15:08:24

I think if you're quite in tune with him and his needs then maybe he's more relaxed about communicating? If he was frustrated or not getting what he wanted you'd maybe see more gestures then!

You could try some simple baby sign language with him and he might be incentivised to copy if it gets him what he wants. I found generally that my DD was keen to sign and communicate and my DS (younger) couldn't be bothered. He sounds fine for his age to me.

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