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my 16 month old loves touching the oven

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bigspender30 Mon 17-Sep-07 20:26:50

Its driving me demented. He keeps turning the dial on the oven despite being told no about 100 times. I am at my wits end. We had dinner an hour later tonight as the little darling had turned the oven down to practically zero. How do you get through to a very curious 16 month old? HELP?!!!

Nightynight Mon 17-Sep-07 21:06:57

Put lots of masking tape over the knobs?

dd2 went though a phase of doing this as well, really annoying! It only lasted a few weeks though

LazyLinePainterJane Mon 17-Sep-07 21:08:45

put a bolt on the kitchen door so that he can't get in it without you. This is what we had to do as DS was changing the temperature and setting the timer and all sorts.

He's past it now mainly but I still turn the mains switch off when not in use.

Shoshable Mon 17-Sep-07 21:13:06

Put a stair gate on the kitchen door, hild can see mum but cant get to the dangerous things.

tori32 Mon 17-Sep-07 21:21:45

Tie said 16mth old to heavy furniture with washing line that doesn't reach kitchen? LOLgrin

Nooooo agree with shoshable GET A GATE ON THE KITCHEN DOOR! grin

stressteddy Mon 17-Sep-07 21:26:31

Get a gate and start talking about things being hot, burny at every opportunity. Make appropriate noises (like "ow" and quick intake of breath!!!!) Do this for radiators, oven, fires, cups of tea/coffee etc
Anything that's hot. You need to increase his awareness of heat
Hope this is ok. Have read it back and it reads a bit preachy. Sorry if it does
Good luck bigspender

bigspender30 Mon 17-Sep-07 22:10:34

not preachy at all stressteddy! Thanks for all your valid comments. I do make the "ooh burny" comments already so thats good. stair gate on kitchen door-sounds like a plan ladies.thanks again x

tori32 Mon 17-Sep-07 22:17:55

I taught hot and cold letting dd touch bath taps, she soon got the idea. So now if I say the ovens hot she steers well clear. smile

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