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My 5 month old won't stop shouting!!

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LibbyAshleigh Wed 06-May-20 10:31:48

My 5 month old son is at a stage where, if he wants attention, he shouts or screams. Very very loudly. I'm home alone with him most of the time, since we're in lockdown and my fiancé has to go to work. And I'm also 13 weeks pregnant. So the stress of my son and my all day, on and off nausea and my fiancé being away 9 hours a day 5 days a week, isn't exactly something that makes a happy life at home.
I was making my dinner last night, and had him on the floor in a big fluffy throw in the kitchen with me. And he would not stop screaming at me! Bear in mind I was starting to feel sick because I was getting hungry, and if anyone reading this is anything like me, you'll know it's not nice to be irritated by something when you're hungry.
It's very hard to deal with when you're on your own. I'm not sure what to do because he's starting to make me angry. I'm pretty good at keeping it in but there have been a couple of times where I have shouted at him. The thing is, he does it when I'm busy. I can't really stop what I'm doing when I'm making food because i have to make it as quickly as I can because I get dizzy otherwise especially in the mornings. I'm not really sure how to distract him to he doesn't do it

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ZooKeeper19 Wed 06-May-20 11:33:36

What does he do if you hand him things? My LO shouts too, I just keep handing him random things (cream tub, wooden spoon, kitchen things he cannot break or eat, paper napkins etc). It stops him. I also do this when I change him, it helps us.

Pebstk Wed 06-May-20 14:41:35

He’s a baby - it’s not deliberate and he doesn’t understand - please don’t shout at him. I know it can be really hard but he is far too young for any kind of discipline - just try to kept him amused xx

attillathenun Wed 06-May-20 20:19:06

My 5 month old does this and we’ve found having her in a sitting up position helps massively, she loves being able to look at everything going on and it provides a lot of distraction. Try sitting him in a bouncy chair and giving him stuff to just hold and look at

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