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Son hits me and says disturbing things

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user1463007194 Sat 02-May-20 21:13:10


Would really appreciate some insight as I'm very concerned about my 3 year old.

Quick background - hardly sleeps for me but will for others/ extremely strong/ hyperactive/destroyed the house since he could move- So destructive ,

Started pre school in jan and since then his sleep is even worse despite him being even more tired and he has started to kick/ bite/ pull my hair/ etc as well as saying really disturbing things such as "I'm going to push you down the stairs/cut you with scissors/ get a screwdriver and bang it through your eyes/ get some wood and nails and bang it through your head"

I'm really scared, I'm not sure what to think. Prior to this he was having a referral to service through school for the other issues mentioned but that's on hold of course atm.

For context, nursery have said he has impeccable manners and behaviour as he does to everybody but me,has a great diet- no juice/sweets etc. I don't let him watch much telly let alone have his own iPad etc I do lots of activities with him. He's very intelligent. Has so Much empathy, from such a young age ..most of the time is so kind and lovely to me. Its the way he can dramatically switch into this mode that scares me. Occasionally when I tell him he has hurt me instead of saying sorry he will say call the doctors then.
I am a single parent and he's very unhappy: angry about not having a dad - I think Thai may be contributing
I would really really appreciate honest insight - thank you

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Adriana87 Sun 03-May-20 00:58:04

And what do you do when he misbehaves?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 03-May-20 20:26:12

This book is out of print now but you can get it second hand. It's based on a TV series by Dr Tanya Byron and dealt with behaviour, just like you describe.

It might be worth seeing what's happening with your referral too smile

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