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What are your children's obsessions?

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brette Sat 15-Sep-07 21:52:08

And by that I mean real pure obsessions.
My 3 year-old DS has been nurturing a passionate love for toilets/hand-dryer for about 18 months (the cute "phase" turns out to be rather tiring). Wherever we go (playgroups, playgrounds, swimming pool, zoo, restaurant...), he first locates the toilets and then will do everything in his power to trick us to go here. A year ago, I was thinking potty training would be a ball. Well no!
Anyone with this kind of thing?

j20baby Sat 15-Sep-07 21:55:27

catologues, like Argos, Next, babies r us..etc

especially baby ones.

my friend wrapped a Next one up for her last year, and she loved it.

she is strange but it keeps her quiet

j20baby Sat 15-Sep-07 21:55:52

oh and she hides old ones from me so i can't bin them!

brette Sat 15-Sep-07 21:59:43

How old is she?

mummytojess Sat 15-Sep-07 22:05:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

j20baby Sat 15-Sep-07 22:05:52

she's 7.

my brother was obsessed with keys till he was about 8, he had a bucket full of them. think craziness runs in the family

kbaby Sat 15-Sep-07 22:12:46

DD loves vests! she gets up in the morning takes of her pj's and puts on a vest and clean knickers, we then get brekkie and get dressed in proper clothes to go out. The minute we get back in shes back in a vest and knickers, but not the same vest and knickers they have to be clean ones, then the same thing happens if we go out again.

The neighbours must think she doesnt have any clothes other than vest and knickers and im fed up of washing them all.
She goes through 4 pairs of vest and knickers a day

Novacane Sat 15-Sep-07 22:41:44

my DS is obsessed with escalators and lifts.

his Grandad indulges him while I go shopping-but he doesn't undersatnd when its just us two that I haven't the time to go up every escalator! He has a defined route around town that he doesn't like to break.. I could murder my Dad..................

ScottishMummy Sat 15-Sep-07 22:57:49

dogs bubba loves them...squawks and points at them - fortunately tons fabby doggie owners who all induge and allow staring and gawping.spent day in highgate woods admiring dogswink

hansnava Mon 17-Sep-07 16:29:24

brushing her teeth. u cant go to the loo without her wanting to brush her teeth. cant complain though most kids wont go any where near a toothbrush.grin

Flamesparrow Mon 17-Sep-07 16:30:51

Mickey Mouse - Has been since about 22 months (now 4yrs old)

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 17-Sep-07 16:33:12

Same as hansnava re toothbrushing! She went to the dentist today and I was feeling all smug about how lovely and well-looked-after her teeth are.... and she refused to open her mouth hmm

CorrieDale Mon 17-Sep-07 16:47:33

Where to start? DS is a deeply obsessive child. Apart from the usual 2 year old's Bob the Builder obsession, there's vacuum cleaners (over a year now for that one), water (oooh, even longer for this - he has always loved water), plugs & sockets (not a great mix with water) and torches. The latter runs in the family - my dad had a love of torches that seemed bizarre in a pensioner. He once spent IR£30 on a biggish one, at a time when money was very tight indeed. I am hoping that DS will grow out of these obsessions but not with any conviction.

TheQueenOfQuotes Mon 17-Sep-07 16:49:24

cars, cars, and more bl**dy cars - DS1 for the last 3/4yrs (he's just turned 7) - DS2 the last 6 months or so (taught by DS1)........everywhere we go it's "cars", every conversation is littered with "cars" and if I step on on more bl**dy car today I'm going to scream.........

law3 Mon 17-Sep-07 17:15:18

spiders, he is scared stiff of them, but obsessed at the same time, he cant leave them alone, then they move and arrrrrgh.

He loves it when we go out into the garden and collect them in his nature collection thingy and sits there staring at them.

Books, spider toys, t-shirts, anything to do with spiders, he loves to hate them, strange boy!!!!!!!!!

PersonalClown Mon 17-Sep-07 17:20:22

Vehicles in general.
Bikes, cars, buses. As long as it has wheels and moves, Ds is happy. We have a very large box full to the brim and a small basket downstairs with just Pixar Cars.
They can't be mixed, Oh no, that would be wrong.
Welcome to the world of Autistic obsessions.

wulfricsmummy Mon 17-Sep-07 17:21:40

Message withdrawn

CorrieDale Mon 17-Sep-07 17:35:32

How could I forget about mowers & strimmers? He has several pushalong things that he calls his mowers (incl a suitcase on wheels) and has adapted an old lampstand to be a strimmer.

jo25 Mon 17-Sep-07 17:36:09

My ds used to be washing machines, where ever we went(friends houses)etc he had to locate the washing machine, if there was no laundry to do he would simply go the nearest closet and grab what ever he could!! he was the same at home.

We even bought him toy machine and dolls clothes and he wore out 3, they just simply died and at £10-15 a throw it was rather expensive habit. Cheaper than doing ten loads of clean washing a day i suppose!

On the plus side he has become great at sorting laundry into colours etc and putting machine on, even the right programme!! He has now out grown that obsession but it felt like it lasted a lifetime! Now it is cars etc.

Peachy Mon 17-Sep-07 17:43:55

in the night agrden (DS3)

ds2- fish, this one has seriosulsy lasted the course

ds3- blue tack, rubbish, toilet roll innards

TheQueenOfQuotes Mon 17-Sep-07 17:45:18


I just went to go downstairs and stood on not one, not two, not even three cars.....but 5 of the damn things - and they're playing with some of the old metal matchbox ones too - ouch!

melontum Mon 17-Sep-07 18:01:51

3yo DS: Counting, anything, everything, or just as a sing-song. Lining up cars in different shape lines and patterns. They have to precisely touch just so, all pointing same way, is okay with curves, double-thickness lines, or arranging them on light squares only on checkered floor, but not to be in closed shapes, (yet?).

DD (5) hoards medium-sized angular stones and calls them "crystals" (blame Raven on CBBC).

InMyHumbleOpinion Mon 17-Sep-07 18:06:07

counting things
the flow of things, like marble run andhmmtoilet flushing

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 17-Sep-07 18:08:06

ds is obsessed with iTunes and compiling lists of songs,either ones he likes or imaginary by imaginary bands, he also make cd covers. Loves maps and drawing maps of real and imaginary places. Knows a lot about birds.

SlightlyMadSweden Mon 17-Sep-07 18:08:29

DTD2. Purple, zebras & mummy.

Actually I keep meaning to come and ask if it is possible for a 6yo to have OCD as she is soooo obsessed that she will ranomly pick up things that are purple up and hug them....even if we are in a shop.

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