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My 27 month old - slightly concerned as he seems to have no sense

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StarryStarryNight Sat 15-Sep-07 19:18:03

I have a 27 month old boy. He is very strong, he is very active, and bouncing with energy.

He climbed up to the top part of the toilet when he was 9 months old. He could throw and catch and kick a ball with great skill when he was one. He falls from any height, as he seems to lack any sense, and he has no fear. I am scared each time we go to the playground, as he will climb to the top of climbing frames for older boys before I know it (I have a 5 year old too, and need to take them both). He will jump and grab hold of "the firemans pole" and slide down. Giggling happily, not seeing any danger.

He is not keen on puzzles and quiet activities, he is full throttle most of the time. I am just concerned that he has great physical skills combined with absolutely no fear what so ever.

He has had concussion twice, and a broken arm.

Is this normal? It makes me feel I cannot handle him well enough.

domesticgrumpess Sat 15-Sep-07 19:34:04

Message withdrawn

domesticgrumpess Sat 15-Sep-07 19:35:23

Message withdrawn

NAB3 Sat 15-Sep-07 19:48:52

He is too young to have fear and sense. You will have to watch out for him, for him, until he gets a bit older.

Novacane Sat 15-Sep-07 19:57:00

My DS at 3.5 is like this. His playgroup even had to consider what gym equipment to buy with some easter fair funds raised that would be safe for DS- ie not too high as he had a reputation for jumping off the top of the indoor climbing frame.

My HV commented recently that he was hyper.

I am constantly on panic stations like DG- I can't walk down a path next to the road without holiding him tight as he is so 'skitty and flitty' I don't know what he is going to do.

HV assures me it's normal, and the GP put me on beta blockers!!! lol

Having said that, he is beside me now colouring awat like an angel- but I'm sure it's only because I mentioned the BED word!!!!!!!!!

Novacane Sat 15-Sep-07 19:59:37

I am quite lucky tho in the fact that he does do as he is told tho- he STOPS when I shout it loud etc, and is generally quite laid back in other ways, he doesn't do tantrums really anymore (did I really just say that? Surely tempting fate....)

StarryStarryNight Sat 15-Sep-07 20:11:50

Thanks for reassurance. Though mine does not stop, when I shouts at him to, he either runs off, or throws a mega tantrum.

domesticgrumpess Sun 16-Sep-07 09:42:51

Message withdrawn

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