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Excessive role play

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Boodle17 Thu 23-Apr-20 08:40:41

Hi, I have a very active 3 year old boy who has recently gotten VERY into role play. He has always been one for having phases of interests - when younger it was pirates then knights and now it’s fireman Sam. It all started with a 2nd hand DVD and fireman pj’s from Santa. For the last few weeks we have been living in an imaginary fireman sam world and it’s getting exhausting. We all have our specific characters and we cannot break. He won’t respond to his name, gets upset when ask him to be himself. He even often demands that we attempt the welsh accent and if we don’t he perceives that as us not being penny/elvis. Mornings have become a major issue as he will only wear clothes that he deems are fireman enough - red/yellow/blue colours. Doing any other activity is practically impossible. He used to love building blocks etc. It’s DRAINING. Is he role playing because there’s an underlying issue? He has changed nursery and going less due to covid-19, not going out like we used to etc. Is he just bored? Should I encourage or discourage? He is loving it and seems really happy but I miss my boy! TIA.

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