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why are kids sometime so stiff-upper lipped? why couldn;t she have said something to her teacher?

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hatwoman Fri 14-Sep-07 21:21:56

dd came out of school today and virtually collapsed onto me bursting into tears - because she felt poorly sad. she had a really bad headache and she'd had it all day. she's just started the junior school and was too shy/embarassed/afraid (?) to tell her teacher. so she battled on all day. The poor little thing was clearly feeling like absolute crap. she hadn;t eaten any lunch and she came home and fell asleep on the sofa for over an hour.

It just made me think of how ridiculously important we are to our kids. it reminded me of all those funny insecurities you have as a kid that only your parents can take away. and that as adults we sometimes forget all about them - and it seems ridiculous to us that they might not turn to someone like a teacher when they feel poorly.

It also made me think that whilst they drive us up the bloody wall sometimes in their own way they love us and need us like no-one else.

not much of a post really - just wanted to share.

3andnomore Fri 14-Sep-07 21:26:07

hatwomen, you are so right with everything you say there...I am most certainly very guilty off forgetting those little child hod problems..unless they bight me in the butt for me to remeber, iykwim...

brimfull Fri 14-Sep-07 21:26:41

Agree,I do remember that feeling of being scared to say something to the teacher.
DS had a poo in his pants (in reception yr not in senior school-haha) yesterday because he was frightened to ask to go to the loo during assembly.

I suppose they may become more accustomed and less shy with their teacher as the school yr progresses.

Hope your dd is better soon.

mintchips Fri 14-Sep-07 21:26:56

Poor thing. hope she feels better soon

Kbear Fri 14-Sep-07 21:35:54

I gave my Yr1 DS instructions about taking new plimmys in to school, "just put the new ones in the PE bag and bring it all home at half term and I'll sort it out".

Bless him, he couldn't remember the instructions when he got there and told me he "cried a little bit" then the teacher sorted it out.

Such drama over plimmys!

{sad] for your DD hatwoman, but I get your drift!

lindenlass Sun 16-Sep-07 12:09:10

It's so true, hatwoman. It's one of the reasons we home educate, so that they can be free to learn in a place they feel completely safe :-)

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