3 year old bites when she doesn’t get her way

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Serenjoan17 Tue 21-Apr-20 15:36:10

Advice needed please! My 3 year old daughter has been biting for weeks now, if she doesn’t get her way she starts throwing a wobbler, chucking stuff around growling, scratching me and biting ! I’ve tried everything I can think of from walking away from her (which she hates) , removing her to another room and firm “no biting” “ biting hurts” etc! I don’t know what else to do help please!

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SomeoneElseEntirelyNow Tue 21-Apr-20 19:15:53

Ahhh massively sympathetic, biting DC are the worst... i know there is a lot of biting-specific advice out there and hopefully someone will be along in a mo with suggestions, but i would say you need to pick one method of discipline and stick with it. Naughty chair, leaving her alone, whatever feels right to you, but do it every time. "You bit me, so I'm putting you in time out/walking away now/running away to join the circus" - lay it out for her and stick with it. It might take weeks, but she'll get the message so long as you keep laying it down every time.

Good luck!

ppeatfruit Thu 23-Apr-20 13:32:19

Watch her to see if there's a pattern to her biting; is she tired or hungry ?grin . It's quite a normal reaction, they don't realise it hurts, maybe put on a pretend cry when she does it. She's developing a personality, rather than 'command' her to eg. put on her shoes, try a different friendlier way of communicating with her, play games with her.

Use a teddy or doll to play games with her to explain how it hurts the toy if it happens. Make up a story about it.

ppeatfruit Thu 23-Apr-20 13:34:13

Oh or she could be thirsty!!!

Serenjoan17 Thu 23-Apr-20 14:25:08

Hi all thanks but I do all these things with her already 🙈 her behaviour is great in doOMG everyday general things that, it’s for example if I have to remove something she can’t have or telling her not to do something 🙄 I don’t think it’s a food/ drink problem she has water on hand at all times and will usually ask for a snack if she’s peckish x

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ppeatfruit Fri 24-Apr-20 09:58:27

It is a stage though!! She'll grow through it. DD1 did it, she doesn't do it now (she's 40 grin ) Try not to make too much of it. Interestingly DD2 didn't do it! They weren't treated differently!

Ah she's 3 she may not ASK when she's hungry or thirsty ( it's easy to think they're all grown up by that age esp. if they talk well) I used to make sure the fruit bowl was there to offer with a drink when she was grumpy.

One important thing was to warn any teachers\helpers at playgroup or nursery BEFORE she does it there. !!!! I remember following DD1 around the playgroup when she got close to any child who had a toy she wanted , or was going up the slide behind a girl with a ponytail she disliked any girl with ponytails because her hair wasn't quite long enough to have one !!!! She used to try to pull them!!!

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