10 month old repetitive sound, stimming?

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PurpleThistles84 Sun 19-Apr-20 22:53:49

For the past few months my baby boy likes to say ‘ahhhhh’ over and over, very loudly. He usually does this when sucking on the label of his comforter or holding a specific rattle with little rings on it, that he twiddles whilst repeating ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh. He can do it for ages though stops if you take away the comforter or rattle.

I have four other dc who never did this, two of them are autistic. When he was six months old I didn’t think anything of it but now he is ten months old and shows no signs of growing out it, I am starting to think perhaps this is an early sign that he may be autistic too and this is stimming behaviour. He can say mama and dada and has hit his social developmental milestones, however he is slow on the gross motor front. He has only just started rolling from back to front, can’t sit unaided for more than a few seconds and doesn’t weight bear yet. He is, however, an extremely laid back, contented little boy, quick to smile and just a delight.

I wondered if anyone else has had this with their babies and if so what was the outcome? Did they grow out of it or go on to be diagnosed with autism?

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