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'Hyper' 7 month old

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Natxoxo Tue 14-Apr-20 19:00:21

Hi everyone,

Looking for some advice please!
I am a single mum to a gorgeous 7 month old baby boy.
Since he was a matter of a few weeks old he has literally been non stop. He moves, wriggles, kicks, and thrashes continually all day long (even when being held)
Some might say thats fantastic, however - he HATES being put down for longer than a minute or two and is obviously now extremely heavy. Myself and family are really struggling to keep him happy because when hes picked up he acts like hes desperate to get away from you with the pushing kicking and thrashing, and then when hes put down he cries and complains. I am just exhausted.
I really have dedicated myself to trying to make him
happy - to the point I don't even eat for fear of putting him down, but I dont know how much longer I can go on being pushed kicked and thrashed on. I feel like hes actually becoming dangerous to hold so much.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?
I am in so much physical pain from this!


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NuffSaidSam Tue 14-Apr-20 20:05:41

Put him down.

He'll get used to it.

He needs to get used to it.

It's ok for babies to cry occasionally.

ZooKeeper19 Thu 16-Apr-20 18:28:52

I agree with the above post - put him down and let him cry.

Maybe try to show him how to entertain himself, i.e. hand him toys over and over that he can then reach himself.

I know it's controversial but my mum said when I was this small I was a nightmare so they put me in a jumperoo (was a more basic thing back then) and I was calm and happy for hours. If he is an active baby may be worth a thought.

Natxoxo Thu 23-Apr-20 20:00:08

Thank you both for your replies! I really appreciate the advice!

@NuffSaidSam I have been 'experimenting' with putting him down, and so far not been as bad as i thought! He seems to be worse when I am in sight.

@ZooKeeper19 He is suchhhh an active baby 🤣 everyone is literally amazed how much he constantly moves unless hes sleeping!
We have a jumperoo which he does really like! However he only ever likes any 'activity' for max 10-15 mins at a time - which can be a real pain. He's almost crawling now and much better with his sitting so have noticed hes a little happier with the new found independence which is lovely for me to see 🥰 Hopefully things improve from here! I have seen alot of other mums post about how their babies became alot happier once they were mobile - so wondering if it might be the same for my son, we shall see.

Thanks again! x

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