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Baby clothing sizes!!

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Spanz10 Tue 14-Apr-20 11:28:02


Are there any other mums of average sized babies struggling with clothes. My little girl is 50 percentile for length and weight but is still in her 3-6 months clothes despite being 8 months. I find I am rolling the sleeves up still. She was 8lb4 at birth and got into newborn for a good few weeks. My son was the opposite 9lb7 never in newborn and was out of clothes early.

Is this normal?

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bunpot Tue 14-Apr-20 17:08:57

My dd is the same, but I'm quite short and she's otherwise healthy so I'm not worried. Does cross my mind though.

Jannt86 Tue 14-Apr-20 19:14:09

I think a lot of sizes are fairly generous especially if your kid is slender too. My LG is most on 90th percentile and still only really goes into the next size up shortly after she turns that age (she's just turned 2 and mostly in 2-3 years but still happy in some 18-24 and a lot of the 2-3 stuff is quite large on her) I find there's a big difference with different brands too. Next tend to run very large. If your baby is happy and healthy and not dropping growth percentiles I wouldn't worry and just put her in the size you're happiest with. If I was doing it all again though tbh I think I'd do more sleeve rolling etc rather than wasting money on unnecessary clothes grin

Spanz10 Wed 15-Apr-20 20:57:48

@bunpot thank you, good to know other average sized babies are not in age related clothes.
Thanks @Jannt86 my son was always so tall and I just can't get my head round an average size baby not moving up through clothes. Next is ridiculous, but I am finding sainsburys and others very big. Just put her in boots 6-9months sleepsuit tonight and it fits perfectly, whereas sainsburys 3-6 still big!

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