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Tips for flat head in sixteen week old

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Aberforthsgoat Mon 13-Apr-20 10:14:19

Ds Has got a slightly sloped/flat bit on the side of his head that he sleeps on
We are upping tummy time as he has good head control but because of reflux we stopped it a bit as it made.him sick up but we are going to persevere with it now
I've tried repositioning him in his sleep but he just goes straight back (lying flat on his back but with his head slightly to one side) every single.time

I've spoken to the doctor but he said it's very common and it will go when he starts sitting up and the health visitor has said tummy time and repositioning but neither seem worried

Can't actually see anyone because it's non urgent obviously and tbh don't want to take him out to the surgery etc unless I have to

Just wondered if anyone has had the same and if they had any tips

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uhoh2020 Mon 13-Apr-20 15:08:33

Dont worry about it its completely normal it will correct itself as he grows and moves more

Haz1516 Tue 14-Apr-20 09:04:26

Have a look on Amazon and there are lots of special pillow type things you can get to help. We used one until DS was about 6 months (when he wanted to start tummy sleeping), and it did make a difference. His head is still slightly flattened now but not noticeable.

Gobbycop Tue 14-Apr-20 20:28:17

Appreciate it's not an urgent appointment but a chiropractor is likely to be able to help.

ACJD Tue 14-Apr-20 20:48:05

My son was the same HV referred us to physio in case it was tight neck muscles that were making him keep his head to the right. The neck tightness has now resolved, but hes just turned 1 and still has head flattening to the right side even tho he spends lots of time off his head. Maybe worth asking your HV for a referral.

Aberforthsgoat Wed 15-Apr-20 10:04:04

Thank you
No referrals are happening at the moment apparently that are non urgent

He can turn his head both ways but just prefers one
It does seem to be getting more pronounced quite quickly though so I think I will look at those pillows thank you

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