How to entertain 12 month old

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Thecathouse Thu 09-Apr-20 18:09:26

Im desperately in need of more ideas on how to occupy my 12 month old, i'm fast running out and it seems like she gets bored very easily.

I have a large garden if that gives any ideas

Can we all share tips on this thread?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 10-Apr-20 22:04:00

What's he enjoyed so far TCH?

Thecathouse Fri 10-Apr-20 22:41:22

Well she loves water so today I filled a tray with water and squirted in some non toxic paint. She enjoyed chasing the colour and splashing to make it move.

She uses crayons but it only keeps her attention for a moment.

She likes looking at and touching the plants and leaves while I talk to her about them.

Reading touch and feel books together is a hit, as is petting the dogs

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 11-Apr-20 09:56:03

Has she got a small watering can that she could carry, you could fill it for her and get her to water the garden?

If she likes water, how about putting some warm soapy water in a bowl and getting her to wash some of her toys? Things like dinosaurs or toy food work well smile

dyscalculicgal96 Sat 11-Apr-20 10:39:55

What about a sandpit?

Jannt86 Sat 11-Apr-20 12:32:27

Mine started to enjoy sand and playdoh at a similar age. You can make 'moonsand' with just flour and baby oil (or vegetable oil if you're concerned she'll eat it) and playdoh is just supermarket ingredients (google the recipe) yoghurt with a bit of food colouring makes good paint too. It sounds like she'd enjoy that. If she enjoys plants then you could buy some of those potted herbs and plant pots and compost from the supermarkets and repot them to try and keep them alive (I've just done this with my 2YO and she loved it) Google how to do it and it'll gove you some tips but basically you have to split them up as they're too overcrowded and then repot in separate pots. Is she walking yet? If she is then she might appreciate a walk through the woods as your 'daily exercise as well' if she's a nature bug. Good luck. It's tough atm when you can't get them out xx

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