2.5 year old temper.

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TaniaL Sat 04-Apr-20 21:14:54

Hi my sons 2 and a half and Ive been told my my HV it's normal as he's just starting to work out his emotions and doesn't know how to handle them. He's genuinely fine most of the time as it's just me and him at home, but as soon as I go help the person I care for he turns into a devil. Hitting and screaming. I'm unsure if it's jealousy or what but even if we just nip in for a chat he's starting within 10 minutes of been there. He doesn't act like this any where else and he's isn't like it at home (unless he can't have his own way - but doesnt lash out just screams) would this concern anyone else as I get comments saying he will turn out violent when he's older wich absolutely destroys me when I get that said to me as I know my son and he can be the most loving caring little boy but I'm at my wits end now with the behaviour he shows at certain people's houses and the comments I get. Tia x

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 05-Apr-20 11:08:27

Can I just ask what he does when you go to do the caring? Do you spend some tome with him before you start the doing the tasks/chatting? It might be worth seeing if you can just say a quick Ho to the person then give your DH a big hug, a drink and a snack and put the TV on for him. It might distract him and he'll see that he comes first.

Can you include him in your tasks too? Like "could you fetch this for Mummy please?" Add in lots of praise and comments about being a big boy and how good he is.

Is he tired when he's there too? Could you fit the caring around the times when you know he's not overly tired?

There are some tips on stopping hitting here which you might find helpful too smile

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