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Toddler 22 months not pointing or talking

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Newmomma2705 Thu 02-Apr-20 09:32:24

Hi, my DD has just turned 22 months, she has been referred to a peadeatrician but due to long waiting lists and current corona I don't know how long the appointment will take to come through. We are very worried about her she is not pointing to communicate and cannot say any words only babble dada baba mama yaya ta but not in any context. She does have good eye contact, doesn't always respond to her name. She has no sensory issues at all, eats and sleeps well, doesnt react to loud sounds or changes of routine. She does enjoy her stacking blocks, but wouldn't say it was repetitive she stacks them and looks for approval from us and smiles and claps when finishes. (Yes she can clap) when I haven't been with her she smiles and claps when I come in the room. She doesn't really interact with children she basically completely ignores them (some adults as well) she goes to nursery and enjoys it she walks in and doesn't cry and the nursery teachers said they have no worries aboit eye contact just thay she doesn't play with her peers (although she will go up to them if they have food). She is playful loves being chased and loves peek a boo. does this sound like autism or a speech and language/ communication problem? Could she grow out of it or what can I do to help bring her development along? Her understanding is also a big concern as she understands no and some other things but very limited. If I asked her to get shoes, bring teddy she would have absolutely no idea but if I pass her shoes she will put them on and walk to the door. Thanks x

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AladdinMum Thu 02-Apr-20 15:33:20

Nothing in your description sounds concerning except the no pointing and limited receptive language - everything else can be age appropriate. I agree that those two concerns are enough for her to be referred to a pediatrician so that they can have a closer look. Remember that autism is not a sensory disorder, or a 'poor eye contact' disorder, or a 'being shy' disorder - toddlers with autism can have excellent eye contact, have no sensory issues, use all sorts of learned gestures and be very socially motivated - there is no one thing that can confirm or rule out autism. If she does not point how does she request what she wants? (like something that is out of reach) and share experiences with you (like a plane in the sky)?

Newmomma2705 Thu 02-Apr-20 16:24:53

Thank you for your reply, if she wants something milk, juice, or so on she will bring me her cup/ bottle or If something is in her reach she will bring it me if she can see it but it's out of reach she will stand near and whinge whilst looking at it.. if it's to high she pulls on my clothes to be picked up so she could reach it herself. She does bring toys and things for me to play with her (her stackers/ mega blocks/ bubbles).. however sharing experiences such as planes in the sky or things outside she wouldn't be interested in showing me at all she would just probably look her self at them.

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Ted0301 Mon 06-Apr-20 12:21:07

Hi, this sounds very much like my daughter, she has just turned 2 in March, and has only recently just started pointing, she doesn’t talk just babbles like your daughter. We seen a speech therapist and she’s referred her onto a paediatrician but like you say there is a long waiting list and now with everything else going on it will be a longer wait.
I personally think it is just a communication delay, and as with your daughter mine doesn’t role play either, unless we do it first then she copies but she doesn’t initiate it.
Sorry this isn’t really advise but just to let you know I’m in the same boat as you x

Newmomma2705 Mon 06-Apr-20 13:58:41

Thank you so much for your message it's nice to know I'm not alone, it's such a worry and not knowing if she will grow out of it yet and develop communication skills is worrying. Some times I feel like she's fine and others I question myself and it's really getting me down. I hope it's just a communication problem and she develops. The not pointing is really stressing me.

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