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Clingy toddler, second baby on way

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Ditheringdooley Wed 01-Apr-20 18:29:04

Hi all-advice welcome.
Dd is 27m, 2nd baby due in 6m.

Dd v attached to me- upset if I leave the room, has only been out of my bed 3 nights. Was weaned about 2m agi but still asks for boob when upset and wants to cuddle up to it.

Will not go to DH, is affectionate enough but if I’m out of the room she will go spare.

I know 6m is a while away but worried that we’re going to have trouble when a sibling appears.

How can I encourage her to become more of a daddy’s girl in preparation for needing to spend more time with him when I am with newborn (that, all being well, I intend to bf again).

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 02-Apr-20 09:04:02

Is DH around in the day? Could he take her out for a daily walk/scooter ride? Preferably a long one so she gets used to being with him.

What’s your current bedtime routine now and how much of it does DH do?

Ditheringdooley Thu 02-Apr-20 12:17:06

Thanks- he is now! She will scream if he tries to take her out without me. They did used to have a little Sunday morning routine where he took her out and had a cup of tea at local community centre. She cried some but not all the time with that.

Bedtime routine - in flux as just managed to get her into her own bed. But he has a part in that, she doesn’t like to sleep without saying goodnight to daddy and he takes her to the window to say goodnight to the moon/ the animals (it’s cute, but we suspect she knows it’s a way of extending time before she sleeps!).

Need more of a routine I suspect so she can get used to daddy doing things rather than mummy...

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