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Baby frustrated at books

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BiscuitLover2391 Mon 30-Mar-20 11:13:12

This probably sounds weird. My baby used to love books and being read to, playing with them loads. He's now almost 5 months and he basically acts like he hates them! He tries to turn the pages, doesn't like me reading and then cries and hits them away. He almost pulls the flaps off lift the flap books and if a book doesn't have flaps he gets very annoyed at it.

Is this a thing? Just frustrated as he can't do much yet?

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BiscuitLover2391 Mon 30-Mar-20 11:13:55

I'm an avid reader and this used to make him happy so worried I'm just playing all wrong confused

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Jannt86 Mon 30-Mar-20 12:24:01

Just get him some nice board books that he will find difficult to destroy if you don't already have some (my 2YO still likes the 'that's not my' series and the 'listen to the' series and any flashcard style word and picture books) At this age it's much more about them learning to love books not necessarily learning from them. If he doesn't want to listen to the story then just let him play with the book and talk to him about what's on the page. Remember as well that he's learning a lot of skills at a colossal rate and this might just be his way of concentrating on motor skills right now. I'm sure my 2YO learned A LOT of her language just pointing at pictures in books etc. TBH she's still very touch and go whether she'll actually sit and listen to a story and I'm not convinced she has any idea yet that it's a continuous story. Just be led by your baby. 5MO is way too young to be expected to sit and concentrate on a book and the last thing you want to do is put him off them by associating them with 'negative energy' xx

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