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Is my 6 month eating enough?

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Harls123 Thu 19-Mar-20 19:14:43

My baby is 6month old breast and bottle fed and ive started weaning.

She has porridge for breakfast then a bit of veg for dinner and a bit for tea.

In between she will roughly have 3 5oz (the most) bottle. Sometimes even less.

Is this normal? I feel like she hardly has anything, she never cries for feeds either she could happily go hours without a feed.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 21-Mar-20 09:54:41

Is she bright and alert at times and following her centiles?

Harls123 Sat 21-Mar-20 10:05:16

Yes, she seems happy and alert... what are centiles?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 21-Mar-20 10:16:23

Centiles are on the chart you should Hace been given when she was born. You plot her weight and height and she should more or less stay on the same curve.

Harls123 Sat 21-Mar-20 10:22:17

Ive not had her weighed aince february with the coronavirus being around...just seems its a battle to get a full bottle down her , no good for my anxiety sad

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 21-Mar-20 10:28:50

If you’ve had her weighed in Feb and they weren’t concerned at all about her weight, plus she is bright and alert at times, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. She should need to be weighed more than once a month anyway.

How often is she BFing?

NoMorePoliticsPlease Sat 21-Mar-20 10:31:13

Firstly you should never battle to get a bottle down her. If she is growing and looks well she probably is. You dont need to get her weighed, see how her clothes fit for example. Does she look well, bright eyed? The problem with the new guidance on later weaning is that milk is prioritised too much. Give her the solids straight before her bottle. She will significantly reduce the amout of milk she wants. After a week ot two of breakfast, introduce lunch and bottle and then tea and bottle, and a bottle or breastfeed and bedtime. Do not give any milk between meals as you will just block her appetite. As the milk reduces introduce calcium rich foods, yougurts and cheese. From 6 months, you can start thinking about introducing a cup. Small drinks of water and whole milk are fie (as this is nott her main milk) Breast or formula should be part of her diet until a year. You sould also be starting to let her play with finger foods to introduce texture and chewing. Do not even think about how much formula is going down, a wasted exercise. Look at your child

NoMorePoliticsPlease Sat 21-Mar-20 10:34:21

Babies do not need to be weighed at all if they are thriving. In todays climate of the virus they should not be taken into a clinics or be socially mixing just to get a number on a chart. Please prioritise what your baby needs. Parents need more confidence to know when a baby is well and thriving

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 21-Mar-20 10:51:51

Well that I should true obviously but I was just trying to reassure the OP that the baby has already been weighed and appears to be fine smile

Haris you might find this article helpful.

Harls123 Sat 21-Mar-20 10:53:48

Thankyou, that has reassured me ive been worrying that she hasnt been having enough milk. She eats solids fine and breatfeeds fine just when it comes to the bottle she fights it.. but she seems happy and her clothes seem to be fitting ok

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 21-Mar-20 10:56:08

That all sounds absolutely lovely and no need to worry at all smile

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