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I can't put her down

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Jayarose Sun 09-Sep-07 15:39:05

My dd is only 5 months old, but she hates being put down to play, and will certainly not let me leave the room she's in. It might be ok if she can still hear me, but normally she starts crying as I get about 10ft from her. It's driving me mad and I can't do everything with a baby in my arms. Could she be going through separation anxiety already? It has been going on for about a month already.

LizaRose Sun 09-Sep-07 15:42:09

Mine was exactly the same. My solution was a good sling, and I carried her most of the time when she was not sleeping.

Notquitegrownup Sun 09-Sep-07 15:46:16

Mine too. A sling was the answer for us too.

juuule Sun 09-Sep-07 16:01:53

Same here. I carried mine most of the time.

mimsum Sun 09-Sep-07 16:49:31

two of mine were like this (middle one was much more chilled) and a good sling was the answer for me too - once my daughter was your baby's age I carried her on my back in an ergo which was fantastic - made her feel really light (and she was a big baby too) and it was much easier to get things done with her on my back rather than my front

It will pass, like all things wink

LizaRose Sun 09-Sep-07 16:52:31

I would recommend a coorie pouch sling, but there are many other types.

Jayarose Wed 12-Sep-07 11:06:55

Thank you all. I was hoping not to have to carry her all the time...but it seems that is the only answer. I will have to invest in a sling of some sort.

SoupDragon Wed 12-Sep-07 11:08:40

Coorie. An added bonus us that BabyDragon has the most perfectly shaped head from being carried in one rather than lying down all the time!

She is now outgoing, confident and happy (too happy!) to go to anyone and everyone.

NewMum24Gem Wed 12-Sep-07 14:42:30

i never used a sling as i suffered with a really bad back. i just kept putting my son down and hesoon learnt to play by himself at times when i wanted to get things done then we would have play time. hes 6 months old now.

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