Struggling with newborn and 2.5yr old

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 16-Mar-20 16:13:58

It does seem to be a bit extreme. I take it that if you say his hearing is ok, he’s had a recent hearing test?

First thing I would do is to self refer to Speech & Language Therapy. You may have a wait, so the sooner you refer yourself the better.

Then I’d do the M-Chat test.

Then I’d get back in touch with your HV and tell her everything that he’s been doing. Ask her to assess him again and stress that you need help.

Congratulations on your new LO too smile

mumof5cn Sun 15-Mar-20 17:29:51


I am a stay at home mum to my 5 beautiful children. I have 3 girls, 5wks, 7yrs and 14yrs and 2 boys, 2.5yrs and 12yrs.

My 3 older children are my absolute little angels, so well behaved, kind, helpful and caring - I couldn’t wish for better.

I have been struggling for the past 6mths or so with my 2.5yr old son.  I bought these issues up at his 2yr check with the HV but I was just told it was his age - granted, it could well be, but it doesn’t stop me struggling now with him.

DS gets VERY angry when he doesn’t get his way or is told off (I’ve tried the kind way of asking him not to do something also but still the same reaction) he kicks, slaps, punches, throws toys (I’ve even had to buy a new tv because he threw something at the old one and broke the screen 😮) he doesn’t listen to instructions - it’s as if he doesn’t register what he’s being told, he doesn’t have any hearing problems. He refuses to sit down at all - unless he’s tired. He will not sit up and eat meals with me or his siblings, he will not even eat a proper meal! Even if I don’t offer him any snacks between. I limit his fluid intake also so he doesn’t fill himself up with drink. He will not sleep in his own bed - he is in the bottom bunk in the same room as his 12yr old brother. He will not sleep unless he can physically feel me with him. His speech isn’t as clear as I think it should be at this age either. Since having my 5wk baby his behaviour has become so much worse than it was before. I understand that he needs time to adjust to the new baby and her needs and that he isn’t the youngest anymore. I had a caesarean and have struggled to look after him the way I usually would, he jumps and climbs over me all the time.

He ran off last week on the school run then refused to walk with or without reins so my only option was to carry him, which has resulted in me hurting myself, I feel like I’ve been set back 4wks, the gp prescribed me strong pain killers but I can’t take them as they make me to drowsy.

He does go to nursery for 3hrs in the afternoons Monday to Friday, they don’t seem to have any concerns and he is well behaved there.

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