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how do you cope when your kids won't eat the same meals?

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oaktree Sat 08-Sep-07 13:54:46

- 4yrs & 1 yr old don't ever seem to like teh same stuff. its driving me nuts. i end up cooking 2 a day as it is as teh kids aren't veggie but we are. 4yr old gets what he's given or nothing but I hate it when teh baby won't eat as he neds it. HELP

foxinsocks Sat 08-Sep-07 14:12:27

it's the law of families

you'll probably find there'll be one meal they'll both love as they get older. Everything else will be a hit with one and not the other. They just get used to it in the end.

If you are worried about the 1 yr old, perhaps just tailor the meals more to her liking in the meantime if the 4 yr old will eat what he gets

NannyL Sun 09-Sep-07 17:25:31

you cook one meal and let them eat it or starve... offering nothing but water until the next meal

you will soon find that hungry children are willing to eat the delicouse nutritouse food you decide to cook for them

BettySpaghetti Sun 09-Sep-07 17:28:49

Also, don't forget that even if one of them turns their nose up at something this week they may love it in a couple of weeks.

Keep reintroducing things otherwise you'll find the menu is very limited.

divastrop Sun 09-Sep-07 17:39:24

i used to cook different things for them like the fool i its eat what you're given or go hungry in my house(and if you dont eat your tea dont ask for anything else for the rest of the day).

Othersideofthechannel Sun 09-Sep-07 18:48:34

I try to make sure there is as least one thing each enjoys in the meal. Eg DD's favourite food is sausage but DS usually won't eat it. So I'll do sausages with something DS definitely likes.
DS loves pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese. DD doesn't like the sauce so she just gets plain pasta with grated cheese.
They may not eat balanced meals every time but over the week it all balances out.

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