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after almost 2 years of SALT dd2 STILL CANNOT SAY words beging with S

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LadyVictoriaOfCake Sat 08-Sep-07 10:15:49

and i am just getting very frustrated. and so is she.

etc etc

help me before i lose faith in SALT. i get the feeling they want to 'discharge' her afetr next months assessment, and i dont know what to do sad

bigdonna Sat 08-Sep-07 10:41:53

how old is she? my dd now 8 had speech therapy from aged 3-6yrs she still had problems but now seems to be fine unless she gets excited and gos really fast!!!.

LadyVictoriaOfCake Sat 08-Sep-07 10:56:52

she is 5.

bigdonna Sat 08-Sep-07 11:04:17

i would say until maybe last year i was still having to help other people understand my dd.Does she notice or does anyone tease her,if not i am sure i read an article about speech and they said the speech developes until aged 8 yrs.try talking to the senco teacher at her school quite often they can refer or help get more speech therapy.Good luck

Reallytired Sat 08-Sep-07 16:34:07

Ask for a hearing test, if you hadn't had one already. It is extremely common for a child with hearing problems not be able to say "sssssss" because the "sssss" sound is very soft and quite a high frequency.

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