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How young is puberty?

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smallfishbigpond Fri 07-Sep-07 22:04:40

My lovely daughter is only 8 - well 8 1/2 - and she has already got some pubic hair and her facial skin is starting to change. Today I also got a distinct hormonal smell from under her arms. She's tall for her age - fitting clothes for a 9-10 year old, but very slim. Is this normal? I don't remember it being this early for me and my friends. Should I seek medical advice?

meandmy Fri 07-Sep-07 22:07:17

Everyone one starts at different ages, i was 9 ish to start with and by the summer hols to big school(11yo) i had breasts shock yet my sis is 16 and has only just got the full deal!

MaureenMLove Fri 07-Sep-07 22:08:03

No, I'm afraid its time! My dd was about 8 when she started wearing deodarant and a lot of her friends were the same. She's 11 now and just started with the dreaded AF too!

winniepu Fri 14-Sep-07 14:12:01

Its not uncommon for 8yos to start puberty. I read an article that said here in Australia up to 30% of 8yo girls are pubescent. Which was quite surprising to me, but when I looked around at the 8 and 9yo students in the school I teach at, I could see the evidence.

On the flip side, I have also read stuff that suggests that 'puberty' continues as late as 25 or there abouts (in boys; a little quicker in girls) when the brain becomes fully mature. So, it seems we are in for it for a good 15 years or so! And you know the best bit? In Australia the average age for moving out and getting married is 28!!

Best wishes for you and your dd.

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