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Breastfeeding difficulties at 7 months

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Fuppy Mon 09-Mar-20 05:02:00

I'm looking for some advice. I'm doing combination feeding (not my choice, DS has prescription formula, 200ml twice daily due to weight loss after an illness)

DS is eating very well, and has for the last month been pinching/scratching and pulling at my breasts so much that I've got scratches, bruises and more importantly, struggling to actually feed because he is consistently breaking the latch with getting hands so involved. DS also seems less bothered by BF than before although will sometimes do a good feed once a day.

I've tried holding his hands but I don't have enough to hold each hand and breast.
Can't restrict him in swaddle as tantrum & tears happen.
I keep nails short.
I've recently started pumping in an attempt to keep dwindling supply going.

I really want to complete the year breastfeeding minimum, but not even sure if this is still possible and I'm struggling with feelings of guilt/sadness/failure if I can't continue...

Any advice is welcome 🙏

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NewMum293 Mon 09-Mar-20 07:51:39

Sounds basic but have you tried mittens/socks on his hands?

With regards to feeling guilty or a failure if you can’t continue, only 1% of UK mins breastfeed past 6 months so you’ve don’t brilliantly to get this far. By all means push through to a year but only if that’s what you want and what is best for you and your child - don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress by trying to reach an arbitrary target.

I had planned to BF for a year and ended up stopping at 10 months as my daughter kept dropping feeds and the only ones she kept were before nap and bed times which we’d already started using the bottle for. I felt sad at first but she is still happy and healthy and it’s not affected our relationship negatively at all. It’s also really nice to have my body back, to wear non-nursing clothes, dresses, normal bras etc.

So basically I’m saying if you want to power through to the full year, make sure you’re doing it because you want to, not because you feel it’s what you should do xx

Fuppy Mon 09-Mar-20 13:49:36

@NewMum293 thank you for your response! Yes I've tried mittens, he initially disapproved and then tried to suck on them instead and got really cross when I stopped him and redirected him. He ended up too upset to feed. I'll try again with it.

Thanks for the support too. I'm finding it difficult not to criticise myself.10 months is excellent, I Hope we can get to 10 months. I want to get to 1 year for many reasons, not just because of NHS guidelines but if I have to stop earlier I'll have to live with it. I'm more looking forward to worrying less about what I eat/drink etc grin

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crazychemist Tue 10-Mar-20 17:22:04

Please don’t feel guilty! It’s good that you’re trying to keep it up, but it’s a partnership and if your DS won’t cooperate it’s not the end of the world if you end earlier than you planned.

Mittens is a great idea. Have you tried a big chunky beaded necklace? Has to be long enough that they can reach it, but not so long they can get it to their face. This won’t work if he tries to pull too hard, but can be just enough of a distraction for some little ones. Otherwise you can try twinkly lights or something else to look at over your head. Or singing to try and keep him distracted.

It’s a really tough age for breastfeeding, they are so easily distracted and want to explore everything, including you. It gets easier if you do get through it, although then you can get into the acrobatic feeding stage, which has its own problems!

Kiln Fri 13-Mar-20 23:14:39

@crazychemist thank you! I'll try your suggestions too smile

mjas Fri 13-Mar-20 23:53:00

I had some breastfeeding necklaces that kept my boy occupied. They just get so curious at this age and easily distracted. Also, feeding in a quiet, darker place, before naps worked better as well.
But try not to feel guilty if you stop. It seems super important when you do it, but honestly, can you tell in a park which kid was breasfed and which not? You are doing your best, and he already got most benefit from it. It is very hard when this journey ends, but believe me, you'll soon move onto the new exciting things - crawling, walking, climbing - and will hardly think about it.

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