2 Year old hates the potty! Help

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mincymoo124 Sun 08-Mar-20 09:32:20

My 2.5 year old hates the potty she won't sit on it she hates it. If I put her on there she will scream and get off.
While we are at home I have been putting her in pants but she will just wee in them and I just end up with wee everywhere. She will say "poo" when she's done it or while she's doing it but not before. (She says poo for both).
I have even bought a toilet seat for her to try but she won't use that either she'll only sit on it after she has done a wee.
Any advice would be great. I feel that she is old enough now to know to use the potty and I'm really struggling with it nursery also say they are working on it with her too.


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Hohofortherobbers Sun 08-Mar-20 13:16:21

Put it all away for a couple of months. She will only potty train shen she's ready, you can't force the issue. Just take the pressure off completely. Perhaps get a couple of story books, we had the little princess 'I want my potty' book and people recommend 'poo goes to pooland'. Read these together for a few weeks with no expectation at l, wait for her to mention it.

NoKnit Mon 09-Mar-20 19:44:37

You feel she is old enough but what makes you feel that way? Other people telling you their kids were out of nappies at 2 years old? Ignore them she is clearly not ready if she wees everywhere and doesn't tell you before she goes

crazychemist Tue 10-Mar-20 17:08:39

It’s difficult to do something completely different under time pressure! Take them pressure off a bit. Lots of stories about it (little princess, Lola etc etc there are tonnes on amazon). Don’t comment on how well the character is doing etc or go overboard, just calmly read it. To encourage her to sit a bit longer on the potty and relax you could try asking her to stay on while you read a story or similar. Just keep repeating every half hour - “now it’s time to sit on the potty and see if a wee comes” etc. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. My DD used to get a sticker when wee happened. We also did a couple of bare bottom days with potty very close to hand so that if she suddenly realised she had to go I just grabbed her and stuck her on.

Even if you’re very relaxed, they can find it stressful. My DD would sometimes get really cross because she knew she needed to go, say on the potty and then couldn’t remember how to let it go. Cue an extremely cross toddler who couldn’t wee until she calmed down.....

If she’s getting stressed about it, leave it a few weeks so she can forget the stress a bit and then try again.

We had a big battle with poo later on (if she held it in for any time at all, she’d then seem not to know how to let it go! Horrible constipation...), but if your child wants it to work and you are relaxed about it, wee doesn’t have to be too bad.

There’s a whole board on potty training if you want more support, try there.

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