Baby has big head at 11 weeks??

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shanchanx Sat 07-Mar-20 23:00:52

Hi there,

I made a previous post about my little girl at 6 weeks, but now just wanting to see if others have had a similar experience.

My DD has always been high on the percentiles for her head circumference (born at 39 weeks) 35, then jumped to nearly 37 at 2 weeks and 39.5 at 9 weeks.

(i must mention, she was born at 6lb 12 oz, after a difficult pregnancy of a velamentous cord insertion and at the end a partial placental abruption. She then continued to gain weight like a trooper, never lost any at dau 5, put on 4oz and then 3/4 of a lb since a week)

So always had a measured up more than it should, at 9 weeks we had a follow up appointment at hospital due to little one (apparently) having a uti, but thats a whole story in itself.

She said that she had no concerns with it as shes now 82% for her weight at 13lb 12oz and 90th for her HC so its in proportion to each other but her length is smaller at only 45%.

I read a previous post about people being referred for scans to check for water on the brain etc but our health visitor signed us off and didnt want to see us again until the check up at 1 year. That's not even run by them, that is a nursery practitioner, but, she also stated that it needed keeping an eye on (she did calculate it at 40.25cm at 6 weeks when at the hospital at 9 weeks it was only 39.5? So surely that's a more reasonable growth in that time)

Should i be asking my doctor about getting scans referred for her to ensure nothing is going wrong, or, am i just being a FTM with an overactive, tired, worrysum brain?

Or does anyone have experience in this area and could help reassure me she's ok haha

She is very alert, active, can push herself up onto her elbows and her wrists, hold her head 90°, bats objects, smiles, giggles etc so no concerns with her mental development or physical as such

If you are still reading, congrats 😂 hope you may be able to help in some way, thank you!

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BackforGood Sat 07-Mar-20 23:32:47

I have no idea of what the measurements were, but my dc1 has a big head. Was born with it, and it got mentioned if ever he had to borrow a hat or anything (a crown for a costume etc.). It was mentioned at his degree ceremony when the fitters thought he'd measured it wrong and re-measured for themselves. Funnily enough, he was saying today that he had finally, for the first time in his life, found some sunglasses from a specialist website that actually feel comfortable.
He's 23. Nothing wrong with his brain.
The thing with centiles is that somebody will be right at the bottom and somebody will be right at the top - that's how it works.
If you compare any measurement - height, weight, body length, or even speed they can run - and order them, then someone will be in the top centile and someone in the bottom. That's maths.

If the medics aren't concerned, that'll be because there is nothing to be concerned about.

Mummy0ftwo12 Sun 08-Mar-20 21:12:34

both of mine have big heads, dd was 9th/25th percentile for height/weight and her head was either 50 or 75 and ds was 50th percentile for height/weight and his head was pretty much off the chart 98/99 i was worried but both all fine, daddy has a large head in proportion to his body as well.

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