Good week at work, bad week as a parent

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Tiredandtested75 Sat 07-Mar-20 05:43:53

I haven’t actually posted on here since I was pregnant and I now have a 6 and a 7 year old. I have been up since 2am feeling really upset that my 6 year old dd told me yesterday that I only care about money and work.
Some background: I am a teacher. I work full time. We just had an Ofsted inspection this week and I was feeling quite proud that it was just revealed yesterday that my school/dept got (provisional) Outstanding in all areas. I also had a really nice message of thanks from a parent at my school this week for some 1-1 work I had done with her children. But my kids are here to keep me humble so even though I rushed back from work yesterday to take my younger daughter to Rainbows, try to give her some quality time and take her out to see her sister’s theatre production, she got angry at me for talking to other parents, she was jealous of the praise her sister got for her show and she cried that she felt really left out (I got her flowers as well as her sister for a good performance but her sister got a card too). I know I shouldn’t take these tantrums so personally but this has upset me so much. I don’t really know how to fix her behaviour, she gets angry and lashes out at me all the time and it has gut much worse this year. Help.

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