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bashoono25 Mon 02-Mar-20 17:18:44

I feel like I'm going to cry everyday since my twins turned 2.

Are 2 year olds supposed to be this hard? They're horrible and act like they hate me from day until night.

I take them out every morning and in the afternoons I try and entertain them with colouring etc, it works sometimes but today they were both sick and just wanted to watch tv.

I'm bored but it's also hard work if that makes sense?

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popgoesperfection Tue 03-Mar-20 05:09:19

2 year olds are hard work, they're at a funny in between age, no longer babies but still not able to understand and do everything a 3/4 year old can do. I find it the most difficult stage. I think it can get boring being a mum as everyday is repetitive and I always feel I have to fill everyday with something exciting (in school holidays as ds is nearly 5) otherwise I feel guilty. No advice but your not alone thanks

Jannt86 Tue 03-Mar-20 06:50:53

As a parent of an almost 2YO YES it's hard and yes it's boring at times. They're developing lottle minds of their own but can't always communicate to you and you can't always communicate your expectations or consequences to them either. However, it's also I think the best age. They're infinitely enthusiastic and emotional about every little thing, they're constantly learning and doing one more thing to convince you they're a genius and sometimes they're just plain hilarious. It sounds as though you're getting a bit burnt out though and no wonder with double trouble! I experience this frequently as well and it's not easy. Do you have anyone that could look after them every so often so that you can do something for you? If not could they go to daycare or something once a week if they don't already? That would give you and your LOs time to refresh a bit. I don't think what you're describing is unusual but I just think you might need a bit of space if it's feasible. Look after yourself xx

AladdinMum Wed 04-Mar-20 12:02:34

I agree with previous posts, this age can be the hardest and equally the most wonderful (in terms of development), with twins everything is double! - as suggested, can they not go to day care of nursery a few days a week? 2YRs is normally the best time to start if not done already.

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