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shwnwrns Mon 02-Mar-20 11:15:01

In just this past week my 7 year old daughter has started acting strangely. She is crying a great deal because she feels bad about the thoughts she is having, She tells me everything which is great, and continue to tell her that everything is ok and it is normal to have so many thoughts, especially now because she is growing and wondering about things a lot more. I don;t show that I am upset (but when I'm by myself I admit I am a mess). She is having worries that I think are pretty normal like fears of having surgery and a lot of questions about female and male anatomy- those are easier for me to deal with. But the ones that are killing me inside are she is suddenly saying she doesn't know if she loves me, I'm ugly, I', not a good mom...she is saying these things while crying and hugging me. She also is saying that she doesn't know if she'd like someone if they look different, and she's afraid she'll make fun of them. I've racked my brain as to why all of these things have come up suddenly...we are very close, best buddies. She hasn't ever been mean to another kid in her life- she is so sweet and kind. She says that her brain feels weird and she can;t stop the thoughts. Yesterday she said she doesn't know if she wants to stop the thoughts. I took her to doctor last week and had a strep test, just to make sure it wasn't PANDA. I have an appt. tomorrow for counseling. I'm at a loss, and I am oh so very very sad.

Has anyone experiences this same thing,?

Thank you for reading.

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pinkpajamas Mon 02-Mar-20 12:44:57

Seeing a counsellor is the best thing to do I think. All the best, well done for acting on it and not dismissing her feelings.

Tiredandtested75 Sat 07-Mar-20 06:48:53

No answers, just support from afar. My daughter has suddenly started to have a lot more worries, crying spells, questions about death and terrible tantrums. Until age 6 she was always so smiley 🙁

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