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What's wrong with DS? Help

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7dayslater Thu 27-Feb-20 20:36:52

4 molars, not 2. ^

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7dayslater Thu 27-Feb-20 20:36:01


Thank you for replying.

He could be teething, but he's got a fair few teeth already including 2 molars & it's never caused him such distress. He also covers both ears rather than just one. I'm really at a loss!

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Anonyy Thu 27-Feb-20 16:21:06

Is he teething? When my son was a similar age he was up one night all night crying holding his ear so I went straight to the doctors suspecting an ear infection and was shocked when they said there was no signs of one.
A couple days later he had a routine dentist appointment and the dentist said a back molar had come through on the side he’d been holding his ear.
My DD also holds her ear when teething and whichever ear she holds always corresponds to the side she gets the new tooth.

7dayslater Thu 27-Feb-20 11:37:24

DS is 21 months. 10 days ago he had a temperature & was vomiting. He also started waking during the night (something he hasn't done in months) & screaming whilst covering/holding his ears. I took him to the doctor suspecting an ear infection but there was no sign of one. He essentially said I was worried over nothing.

He's not poorly anymore but he is acting so out of character. He is miserable & bad tempered during the day, not eating much & is still screaming at night holding his ears. I'm feeling worn out by it & concerned. During the night, he'll stand covering his ears whilst crying - if I try to remove his hands from his ears he tenses up or puts my hand over his ear instead.

He is usually such a happy, sweet little boy. He's not getting enough sleep either so we're both exhausted. Help!

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