8 m/o irrational fear of relatives

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LJEmum Sat 22-Feb-20 13:15:10

My daughter is 8 months old & has (what i guess to be) irrational fears about certain relatives in the family....My father (her grandad), her great grandad (partners grandad) & my partners cousin (female). It's the worst with my father. When she sees him she screams, cries, tries to get away, and generally has a total meltdown and cannot be soothed. My dad lives an hour away from me, so I can only see him about once a week, as he also works full time, I thought after months of 'exposure' to him (with me present of course) she was very slowly getting better at being around him, but today he came to my house to change a tap (so he wasnt even really interacting with her as he was working) and she had the worst meltdown yet by far!

If it was fear of strangers, which I know can happen around this age, or even fear of men, I could understand, but we go to playgroups and soft play where there are men near to her, and she sees other male relatives at our house and other people's houses, and she's totally fine!

My dad, and my partners cousin and partners grandad, have never been anything but loving to her, so I really cannot understand why she has taken against them. I know that my dad in particular is getting to be quite hurt by it, although he would never say that to me. He just wants to love her and have it returned a little bit.

Has anyone been in the same situation and any advice please? X

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