Any successful cases for post-reflux baby getting used to (not hating) tummy time?

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isitcrazyzzz Thu 20-Feb-20 13:24:08

DS2 soon would be 9 months. He's sitting alright but had not been on his tummy much until this month due to persistent reflux/colic issue.

I understand most of the babies grow used to tummy time gradually and work on the strengths of different part of the body over time. However, due to his reflux/colic, he's been held nearly 24h/7days up to lately when the reflux eased up. I then started putting him down on his tummy but he hates it and whines all the time. I managed to calm him down by lying on the carpet with him to his level, but he then just lays his head down either on me or on the carpet, not willing to make much effort by raising up his upper body.

I know this wouldn't stop him learning to walk one day, but the stage of crawling is developmental important - DS1 missed most it and ended up with all sorts of problems (poor balancing and etc.). So I really want to encourage DS2 not to miss this stage for this reason.

I tried using interesting objects to encourage him, but each item would work no more than 2 minutes. We so far could only manage like 3 times x 10 minutes of tummy time between all the routines in a rush.

Could someone who has had a reflux/colic baby to share any successful tricks / tips to conquer this? Would really appreciate it...

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Harrysmummy246 Thu 20-Feb-20 21:27:17

Didn't do tummy time with DS as he didn't like it, not even a reflux baby. He is developmentally fine.

2 minutes attention on one toy is quite impressive for a 9 mo and 3x10 minutes of tummy time for one day is loads!

PS time in a carrier/ wrap/ sling counts also helps develop that strength too

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